Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Potassium Rich Foods

winter squash
The electrolyte potassium has many incredible benefits. Eating lots of potassium can help lower your blood pressure, improve heart function, and even reduce the chances of stroke. It's no wonder that many people are now looking to eat more potassium rich foods. But what foods contain potassium? Everyone knows about bananas, but here are a few potassium rich foods you may not have heard about.

Lima Beans
Fiber rich lima beans are also a great source of potassium. This amazing food is even high in iron, making it a terrific energy boosting snack.

Not only are avocados chock full of potassium, but they may improve your eyesight! Studies have shown that carotenoid lutein, a substance contained in avocados, can be linked to maintaining healthy eyes. Avocados are also a good source of Vitamin A, E, and B6.

Tasty kiwi (formerly known as the Chinese Gooseberry) is a sweet way to get your daily dose of potassium. Just one kiwi has an incredible of 252 mg of potassium! Kiwi is especially delicious in a fruit salad. 

Everyone knows that drinking milk helps to give you strong bones, but did you know when you drink milk you're also loading up on potassium? A cup of 2% milk can give you 10% of the Daily Recommended Value for potassium.

Winter Squash
Different kins of squash offer different nutritional benefits, and if you're looking for a potassium rich food, winter squash is your pick! To cook it, try adding some cubes of winter squash into any soups you make. It's also good steamed.

Not only are tomatoes a good source vitamin C, vitamin A, and vitamin K- they're also a great source of potassium! Just add a few slices of tomato to your salad or sandwich to make your meal potassium rich.

Fresh Apricots
Apricot season is from May to August, so you may not be able to reap the benefits of this fruit year round, but it's good while it lasts! One apricot contains over 100mg of potassium- that's 3% of your DRV!

Sometimes it seems like ultra nutritious spinach is a good source of everything. It has magnesium, iron, vitamin C, and more. Frozen, canned, or fresh, it's a wonderful way to get your potassium.  

There are countless ways to prepare potatoes, and they have almost as many nutritional benefits. If you'd like a helping of vitamin B6, copper, vitamin C, or manganese to go with your potassium, potatoes are the food for you.

Orange Juice
Your daily dose of Vitamin C and your daily dose of potassium can go hand in hand. A half-cup of OJ contains 236mg of it. Regular oranges are also a potassium rich food.   


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